Viruses & Diabetes Update

Dear Friends,

Possibly you have heard that Gian Franco Bottazzo left us prematurely. Gian Franco has been a great scientist, a leader in diabetes immunology, and a good friend to many of us. You can read his full obituary and a summary of his achievements on the VIDIS group BLOG.

This week we have some interesting papers:

1) a review on Enterovirus proteases, key pathogenic elements in chronic infection;

2) cross protection across different Rhinovirus types (rhinoviruses are now part of the genus Enterovirus, so the findings could be relevant to virus-induced diabetes); 3) Interferonopathies in autoimmune Multiple Sclerosis;

4) Subtyping of diabetes in the Japanese based on TYK2 variants, GADA and IgE levels;

5) a commentary to the article above

Have a nice week and, if possible, send condolences to Lamya Bottazzo Al-Sakkaf,


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