Could a virus cause type 1 diabetes?

Heikki Hyoty, Finland

I have been studying the causes of type 1 diabetes (T1D) for 30 years, particularly the role of viruses in the destruction of insulin producing cells. I have been genuinely interested in exploring the causes of the disease, and I’m motivated to participate in the global effort aiming at preventing the disease. 

Alan Foulis, UK

‘There is evidence of enterovirus involvement but there are too many different enteroviruses, hundreds of them.  What researchers are trying to do is pool resources across Europe to find out which enteroviruses could be associated with type 1, which a vaccine manufacturer would need to know to pinpoint the exact one to target.’

Malin Flodstrom Tullberg, Sweden

We expect that our studies will generate valuable information for the design of preventative treatments against islet cell destruction and type 1 diabetes.

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